Famous Tourist Places in Agra

Mehtab Bagh | Sight seeing place in taj mahal

Famous tourist Places in Agra Best Places to Visit in Agra, India Are you looking for best travel location to spend your holidays? Then plan your trip to Agra, a land of masterpieces of Mughal architectures. Plan your tour for one week and visit the best tourist places in Agra. I am damn sure that … Read more

Indian Festivals Calendar July 2017

hindu calendar |festivals of INDIA

Festivals Calendar July 2017 Festivals of India in July Amarnath Yatra (opened from 29th June 2017 to 07th August 2017) Amarnath cave is a sacred place it is situated in Jammu and Kashmir. It is the holiest temple, which is surrounded by snow covered mountains. Every year thousands and thousands of devotees make a pilgrimage … Read more

ஆடி(Aadi) மாத சிறப்புகள்

ஆடிப்பெருக்கு | aadi

ஆடிமாத கொண்டாட்டம் ஆடி மாதம் ஆடி என்பது சிறப்பு மிக்க ஆன்மிக மாதம் ஆகும். இது தமிழ் மாதத்தின் நான்காவது மாதமாகும். வாத பாராயணங்கள், ஆலய சிறப்பு வழிபாடுகள், மந்திரங்கள், பூஜைகள் ஆகியவற்றிற்கு கூடுதல் சக்தி அளிக்கும் மாதமாக கருதப்படுகிறது. தமிழ் மாதத்தை உத்ராயணம், தஷ்ணாயணம் என இரு பிரிவுகளாக பிரிக்கலாம். ஆடி முதல் மார்கழி வரை புண்ணிய காலமான தஷ்ணாயண காலமாகும். இது ஆன்மிக மனம் கமழும் ஆடி மாதமாகவே திகழ்கிறது. ஆடி விவசாயிகளின் நம்பிக்கைக்கு … Read more

International Yoga Day – 21 June 2017

International Yoga day

International Yoga Day Yoga Yoga is a life science. Yoga is a practice of coordinating physical body, mind and inner soul together. It is a science of regulating the physical body and mind. It also gives the divine feel for those who approached yoga spiritually. It helps control the thoughts and body. In simple words … Read more

Ganesh (Vinayaka) Chaturthi -August 25

Ganesh Chavithi | Festival in mumbai

Ganesh Chaturthi Ganesha Chaturthi Ganesha Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chaturthi is a most important religious festival that most widely celebrated in India. Ganesh Chaturthi festival is celebrated on the birthday of Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesh is specifically known for his special elephant head. He is known by 108 names, in that the most widely used names … Read more

Onam (August- September)- Chingam

Onam Festival| pookalam

Onam – (August – September) – Chingam Onam Introduction   Onam is a Hindu festival which is celebrated in Kerala and where ever the Malayalam speaking population is living. Onam is celebrated in Chingam month which is the first month of Malayalam calendar. This normally falls between August and September. This year Thiruvonam will be … Read more

Festivals of India

India Festival | Lights-of-celebration

Most important Festivals of India Festivals of India Why do we have Festival? A festival is a day or period or occasion or an expressive way to celebrate the culture, religious, nature,  and traditions. There are many reasons to have festivals. Many festivals are celebrated in harvesting time because these festivals are celebrated to thank … Read more


Ramzan Festival in india| National-Fest

Ramadan- Eid al-Fitr India is popular for its diversified nature. India has the most beautiful travel destinations, diversified religious and cultural dimensions, different languages, verities of festivals and celebrations. The diversified social foundations and religious gives the opportunity to celebrate different festivals of religious, cultural, and with lots of colors. This makes festivals in this … Read more