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Indian Festivals Calendar July 2017

Festivals Calendar July 2017

Festivals of India in July

Amarnath Yatra (opened from 29th June 2017 to 07th August 2017)

Festivals of July | Amarnath ji

Amarnath cave is a sacred place it is situated in Jammu and Kashmir. It is the holiest temple, which is surrounded by snow covered mountains. Every year thousands and thousands of devotees make a pilgrimage to the Amarnath temple to see the “self-created Ice Linga” (stalagmite) which is considered as a form of Lord Shiva. In the Amarnath cave, the linga is formed by freezing of water drops from the Amarnath cave roof top. Day by day it grows vertically and forms the shape of Lingam. Usually, the cave opens between June to August for devotees to visit. Normally devotees walk to the cave from Srinagar of Pahalgam. Usually, it takes 5 days to reach the cave. It is one of the favorites and spiritual travel destinations for Hindus. This year the Amarnath is opened from June 29 to August 7.  More than 200000 people visited Amarnath on 2016 and in 2012 more than 600000 devotees visited the Amarnath shrine.      


Hemis Festival (3 July 2017 to 4 July 2017)

Hemis festival | Festival Calendar

Hemis Monastery is the oldest monastery which is existed before the eleventh century.  It is the largest and richest Buddhist monastery in Ladakh. Every year they celebrate Hemis festival is celebrated to honor Guru Padmasambava (Guru Rinpoche), who was a Buddhist master from the 8th century.  

Hemis festival or Hemis Gomba is one of the Buddhist festivals of India. Hemis festival celebrations are last for two days. This year it was celebrated on July 3 & 4. This festival is a colorful festival of India. The major attractions of this festival are the energetic Lama dances, cacophonous sounds of cymbals, drums play, colorful mystic masks and dresses.


Dree Festival (4 July 2017 to 5 July 2017)

arunachal pradesh| dree celebrations

Dree Festival is an agricultural festival. It is celebrated by the Apatani tribe in Arunachala Pradesh. This festival is the biggest festival of Apatani tribes, so they celebrate grandly. During this festival they plea the 4 gods such as Tamu, Danyi,  Metii, and, Harniang for bountiful harvest season. They sacrificed animals, Fowls, and eggs. During the festival period, the people over there prepare rice beer and gift it to their relatives and loved ones. Dree flag songs, games and dances are the major attractions of Dree festival.


Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey (8th to 23rd July)

Royal enfield Himalayan Odyssey

The 14th edition of the Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey will kick start from new Delhi on 8th July 2017. It is one of the most pleasurable motorcycle trips in the planet from Delhi to Khardung-La. The trips take to top motor road at 13800 feet above sea level. This trip is like “Mecca of Rides” for the Royal Enfield riders. The riders are an eagerly wait to face the challenges and learn the new experience during the trip. They travel through roughest landscapes and highest mountain passes with freezing cold.  For the 2017 event, the registrations are already closed. This year 50 participants and 20 Women participants are taking part in Himalayan Odyssey.


Chambakulam Boat Race (8th July 2017)

Kerala is one of the best kept privileged insights of India. Possibly no other part of the legacy of Kerala displays it as much as do the numerous celebrations in Kerala, prominent among which is the Champakkulam Boat Race. Champakulam boat race is one of the largest and oldest snake boat race happens in Kerala every year. This astounding snake boat race is hung on the River Pampa on the day of the 'moolam', that is accompanied in accordance to the Malayalam month of Midhunam. The day is thought to be particularly holy as it is the day when the Deity at the Ambalappuzha Sree Krishna Temple was installed.  The Champakkulam Boat Race kick starts the period of boat races and unleashes the visual treat. the banks of the Pampa river get swarmed by humans from ways and close to, cheering and encouraging on the oarsmen to a convincing end. These snake boats ripping through the serene waters and propelled through loads of oarsmen splashing and beating their oars about within the waters in unison makes for a grand visual spectacle.


Guru Purnima (9th July 2017)

Guru poornima | Hindu festivals

Guru Poornima is celebrated on the full moon day of Ashadha month. This day is dedicated to the teacher and masters who showed the wisdom to us by sharing the knowledge. The word GURU is Sanskrit word, which means GU- darkness in Sanskrit & RU – Removal. So, GURU means removal of darkness. On this, we express the gratitude towards our GURU’s or teachers who removes the darkness in us and illuminates the light in our life. This day is also known as VYASA POORNIMA. This is also a celebrated to honor Veda Vyasa, who is the author of four Vedas and Mahabharata. This festival is celebrated in all over India but if you want to experience more then you should need to visit Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh, and Govardhan, near Mathura.


International Mango Festival (Delhi: 9th & 10th July)

Indian-festivals-July | International mango festival

Mangos are the “king of the fruits”, It is not possible to move on the Indian summers without mangoes.  International mango festival is conducted by Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation  (DTTDC) collaborated with the agricultural and food products export authority, National Horticultural Board and New municipal council. The wide variety of mouthwatering tasty mangoes is displayed in the hall. We can say that these two days are known as the celebration of Mangoes. This festival helps to promote tourism as well as mango business.


Njangattiri Aanayoottu (Elephant Feeding Ritual 21st July 2017)

Kerala festivals | Njangattiri Aanayoottu

Kerala is a place for preserving traditions through a numerous number of festivals. Especially the Malayalam month called Karkidagam is a beginning of the spiritual festivals. Karkidagam is a monsoon month, so it’s very obvious to face new diseases due to climatic conditions. This will lead to increase in and ayurvedic rejuvenation events. Elephants no exception from this, so this ayurvedic rejuvenation is extended towards the elephants also. On the first day of Karkidagam month, the elephant feeding festival takes place in Njangattiri Bhagavathi Temple at Pattambi in the Palakkad district. During the festival, the elephants are lined up in the Njangattiri Bhagavathi Temple ground and are offered with the healthy and delicious and healthy feast. This feast is prepared based on the ayurvedic principles which also additionally includes the mixture of Sugarcane, coconut, jaggery, Ganapathy Pooja prasadam to maintain and improve the health of the elephants.


Teej Festival (26th July, 10th August, 24th August)

Teej is one of the holy Hindu festivals which is celebrated at Northern and western India. Teej festival is celebrated to honor the Goddess Parvathi for the union with Lord Shiva. This Teej festival is primarily celebrated by the girls and women. During this festival celebration, women wear red, yellow and green color clothes and they sing folk songs, dances, and pooja rituals. Teej festival is mainly celebrated for two reasons one is for the long life of husbands, children, and family, and the other reason is to welcome the monsoon.

Teej festival celebrated for 3 variants such as Hariyali, Kajari and Hartalika Teej. During Hairali Teej celebrated as Sindhara. The newly married girl receives a gift like clothes, bangle, mehandhi from their mothers. On the day of Kajari festival, women sing the folk songs, which usually express the separation of women from their beloved parents after marriage. On Hartalika Teej, women honor goddess Parvathi and observe fast for the long life of the husband and smooth family life.


Nag Panchami (27th July 2017)

list of festivals in india | july 2017

Nag means Snakes. Nag Panchami is the traditional hindu festival which is celebrated throughout India. People worship for snakes or serpent gods on this Day. Snakes are considered as Naga Devatha (Goddess), So it is believed that the prayers offered to the snakes will be receive by the Naga devatha. Many people observe fast on this day for the well-being of the family. The devotees do pooja and pour milk to the serpent deity which is made by wood or stone or silver. Nag Panchami is popularly celebrated in Gujarath where they celebrate it for 15 days.

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