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RATH YATRA,PURI,ODIA 25th june 2017


Rath Yatra




Rath yatra is an odia festival this is one of the most awaited Hindu festival in the state. Rath yatra another name is called car festival or chariot festival. Rath yatra festival is associated with lord Jagannath at puri in the state of Odisha. The most anticipated celebration of Rath Yatra or Car Festival Puri initiates on the 25th June, Sunday 2017 and Return Car Festival or' Bahuda Jatra' falls on third July Monday 2017. Rath yatra Also known as Chariot Festival or Car celebration, this is a standout amongst the most anticipated Hindu celebrations of the state and in addition the nation.

Ratha-yatra is gotten from two Odia words ratha/rotho meaning "chariot" and yatra connoting "travel". The festival incorporates a yearly parade of divine beings. Distinctive names for the festival are ratha jatra or chariot festivity.

Origin of Rath yatra

Rath yatra|indian festival


A story of rath yatra is related to mythical stories reflecting religious thinking beliefs of the people of the region. As indicated by an old Indian mythology, it initially celebrated arrival Lord Krishna from the immense of Mahabharata War. The whole custom of Rath Yatra (chariot travel) owes its birthplace to this old week by week stay of the three divinities Lord Jagannath (Krishna), Balarama (Balabhadra) and Subhadra.

Jagannath temple, puri

jagannath temple|festival in june


This temple is devoted to lord Jagannath, it's situated on eastern coast of India at puri at the condition of India. Jagannath temple is consecrated of Vaishnava temple, this temple start worked by king chodagangadeva and development finished by his grandson Anangabhimadeva in the late twelfth century. The temple is celebrated for its yearly Rath Yatra, or chariot rivalry, wherein the three key temple gods are pulled on enormous and extravagantly embellished temple vehicles. Since medieval circumstances, it is likewise connected with serious religious intensity. despite the fact that the symbols of most extreme Hindu gods which can be worshiped are contained stone or metallic, the photo of Jagannath is wood. Each twelve or nineteen years those wooden figures are ceremoniously supplanted with the guide of the utilization of consecrated timber,  that should be cut as a real generation.


The Divine beings Jagannath, Balabhadra and the Goddess Subhadra constitute the fundamental trinity of gods worshiped at the temple. The temple iconography delineates these three Divine beings sitting on the bejeweled stage or the Ratnabedi in the internal sanctum. The Sudarshan Chakra, gods of Madanmohan, Sridevi and Vishwadhatri are additionally put on the Ratnavedi,The temple symbols of Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudarshan Chakra are produced using sacrosanct Neem logs known as Daru. Contingent upon the season the divinities are enhanced in various clothes and gems. Work ship of these gods pre-date the temple structure and may have begun in an antiquated tribal hallowed place.

Jagannath temple, kitchen (world’s largest kitchen)

jagannath temple kithchen|indian festival


The temple's kitchen is taken into consideration as one of the largest kitchen within the world. Tradition maintains that each one food cooked in the temple kitchens are supervised by using the Goddess Mahalakshmi, the empress of Srimandir herself. It is stated that if the food organized has any fault in it, a shadow dog appears close to the temple kitchen. The temple cooks, or Mahasuaras, take this as a signal of displeasure of Mahalakshmi with the food, that's, then, directly buried and a brand-new batch cooked. All food is cooked following regulations as prescribed by using Hindu non-secular texts, the food cooked is pure vegetarian without using onions and garlic. Cooking is executed only in earthen pots with water drawn from two special wells near the kitchen called Ganga and Yamuna. There is a total of 56 kinds of naivedhyas supplied to the deities, near Ratnabedi in addition to in Bhoga Mandap on 5 precise Muhurta. The maximum awaited Prasad is Kotho Bhoga or Abadha, supplied at mid-day at round 1 pm, relying upon temple rituals. The meals after being presented to Jagannath is sent in affordable portions as Mahaprasad, that is considered to be divine by means of the devotees in the Ananda Bazar open market, positioned to the North-east of the Singhadwara within the Temple complex.

Rath Yatra Festival

rath yatra chariot|indian festival celebration


Rath Yatra is sorted out in Puri. It is trusted that consistently Lord Jagannath wishes to visit his origin Mathura for a couple days. To satisfy this yearning of his, this Yatra is directed every year from Jagannath temple to Gundicha temple. The festival of the day beginning to start prior includes the development of rath or chariots designing; the developments are made by people& volunteers. The three chariots are developed to Jagannath, Balabhadra and his sister Subhadra, and three chariots is called Jagannath chariot, Balabhadra chariot and Subhadra chariot. The lord Jagannath chariot which is 45.6 height and big size of wheels of 18 referred as Nandighosa. Balabhadrar’s chariot is made height of 45 feet’s and 16 wheels called as Taladhvaja. The chariots of Subhadra which size of height is 44.6 it’s had 14 wheels, it’s called Devadalana. All these chariots are decorated and showcased the enthusiasm for the Yatra.

During the festival day Gajapati King clears all around the divinities and chariots. Then he cleans the street with a floor brush (gold-took care) and sprinkles sandalwood water and powder. The custom exhibits that according to Lord Jagannath each lover is equivalent be it the ruler or a normal person. This custom is hung on two days, right off the bat on the Rath Yatra Puri when the three gods goes to their close relative's home and in conclusion on the day when they are ceremoniously taken back to the Puri Temple.

At the Gundicha Temple, the gods remain for a time of nine days and make the most of their get-aways at their close relative's home and have a great time at the same time. On their way back to the Temple, the gods are offered Poda Pitha when their chariots end at the Mausi Maa Temple. This sweet is a sort of heated cake that is intended to be devoured by the poor segments as it were. The festival and perception of the Puri Rath Yatra Festival go back to the time of the Puranas and the portrayals of the same can be found in Brahma Purana, Padma Purana, and Skanda Purana and Kapila Samhita.

The rath yatra event significant event in puri entire state witnessed by the numerous Indian touristers and foreigners. The rath yatra is fun& enjoyment and flocked with devotees who wish to pay their respect to the gods and look for their endowments.


International Jagannath rath yatra

international rath yatra|region festival in india


The rath yatra festival becomes common festivals in major cities of other country also, Lord Jagannath festival successfully transplanted the  other countries by Iskcon hari krishna movement, d Caitanya Mahāprabhu and  A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. These festivals now happen on annual basis in all over the world in over 108 cities including.Newyork,London,Rome,Berlin,Zurich,kolkatta,Mumbai,Karachi,Sydney,Moscow and many other cities.






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