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Ramadan- Eid al-Fitr

India is popular for its diversified nature. India has the most beautiful travel destinations, diversified religious and cultural dimensions, different languages, verities of festivals and celebrations. The diversified social foundations and religious gives the opportunity to celebrate different festivals of religious, cultural, and with lots of colors. This makes festivals in this nation so extraordinary to involvement. Ramzan or Ramadan is one of the greatest Muslims religious festivals in India.  Ramadan or Ramzan is the festival, which holds the incredible religious importance to Muslims over the globe.

“Fasting is, first and foremost, an exercise in identifying and managing adversity in all its forms. With faith, in full conscience, fasting calls women and men to an extra degree of self-awareness.” –Tariq Ramadan”

Ramadan is a month where the spiritual thoughts, fasting, prayers are performed by the Muslims. The festival celebrated based on the Islamic calendar (a) Lunar Calendar, Which is calculated based on the phases of the moon. Usually, the Ramadan falls in the ninth month of Islamic calendar. Islamic calendar falls short of 11days with the solar calendar. So, the Ramadan date will vary on each year on a solar calendar.  This year Ramadan month starts on 27th May and ends on 25th June (This also varied according to the geographic location.).   All the festivals have some beliefs, motives, and myths to celebrate. Similarly, Muslims believes that when the time of Ramadan festival begins, all the doors of Hell are shut down and the doors to paradise will open. Also, they believe that this is the month when Muhammad from the Arabian city of Mecca began getting divine revelations from the Gabriel(attendant from heaven) on around 610 A.D., All revelations were gathered and compiled into a book is known as the Quran (or Koran). Quran is accepted by all the Muslims as a heavenly book which contains the correct expressions of God. So, Muslims strongly believed that it was the month where God exposed the revelations of the Islam’s holy content which is known as Quran, to Mohammed. This night is known as “The Night of Power or Laylat al-Qadr in Arabic”.

Ramadan Festivals | Indian Festival | National Festivals

The recent CNN report says, 1.6billion people in the world are fasting from sunrise to sundown for an entire month. Islams strongly believing and observing the five fundamental concepts which are known as 5 pillars of Islam. Fasting is one among those five fundamental concepts. On Ramadan month, Muslims don’t take any food or drink during the daytime from sunrise to sunset. Also, they avoid the negative thoughts and bad conduct. All this are performed to develop the humanism and cleanse the inner soul to connect with God.

 The last three days of the Ramadan month is celebrated like any other Indian festivals. The last day of Ramadan celebration is called as Eid al-Fitr, or “the Festival of the Breaking of the Fast.” It’s a religious holiday, where all comes together with a great joy for big meals with their family, friends, and loved ones and share their joy and happiness with eachothers.

Five pillars of Islam

SHAHADA: Declaration of faith- Muhammed is the messenger of God

PRAYER: They have to pray 5times in a day

ZAKAT: Charity- giving- sharing

FASTING: Without eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset

PILGRIMAGE: All should have to visit Hajj, the city of Mecca, at-least once in a lifetime.

Ramadan festival | indian festival | festivals of India

Ramadan is the time to practice self-discipline and improve the will power. The purpose of the Ramadan is to cleanse the soul, purify the inner being, and have an empathy to those who are hungry, poor, needy and less affluent.

Ramadan Day Celebration  

Islam religion celebrates the Ramadan or Eid-ul-Fitr with extraordinary eagerness, delight, and unmatchable faith towards God.  During the month of Ramadan, Muslims perform a variety of exercises and occasions, keeping in mind to praise their most superior and religious festivals. During the month they do bunches of offerings to the poor and needy individuals of a group. On the day of Ramadan, wear new garments, embrace to relatives, convey their greeting and share the desserts and their happiness.

ramadan Festival | Festivals of India

It is a national holiday in India, so all the government offices, national and state level banks, some private firms, Individuals of Islam religion, business endeavors and different associations shuts their organization to celebrate Ramadan festival. They do prayer gatherings, walks, parades thus numerous exercises as part of celebrations. On the day of Ramadan, they perform prayer in the early morning and Recite Takbeer in the open field. Then people greet each other by saying ‘Eid Mubarak’, share love and gifts, and creates the memorable moments. women and young girls apply Mehndi with spectacular designs on their palms and feet.

Ramadan festivals | Festival of India

Even numerous non-Muslims also visit their Muslim friends home, wish them for a happy year, and takes part in their in their joy and festival celebrations. In Muslim nations, they celebrate for all the three days, where they add social and cultural components in their celebrations.

All the kinds of festivals and celebrations, do have a primary motive that unites the people, spread the happiness among all and eradicate the discriminations.  Festivals are not only a traditional customs, more that they help to renew and infuse refreshing air into our life. Festival helps us to socialize with others and give us a break from our monotony life. Celebrations open a door to come out from the monotonous and stressful day to day life. My personal suggestion is, we should utilize all the chances to celebrate, regardless of whether it be religious festival celebrations,  regional festival celebrations, birthday celebrations, family celebrations, advancements and at all.

Eid mubarak- ramzan festival india

I wish you all a happy Ramadan days. Celebrate, Socialize and Feel the fresh air in inner self. Happy Ramadan…!

~~~….! Happy Ramadan….. Eid Mubarak !….~~~

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